Our spa treatments and massages combines a variety of methods and techniques, some of them are detailed below.
We are always attentive to the needs and requests of our clients, and personally suit the right treatments , wishing to give them the best experience.

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Classic Swedish massage

pleasuring massage with warm almond oil. Good to remove stress, motivate blood circulation and spur the Lymphatic system.

Warm stones

a massage that combines touch, oil and warm pebbles. the warmth of the pebbles gets in the muscles and relaxes cramps and tension.


massage with warm sesame oil, based on traditional Hindu therapy method. this is a gentle massage with warm oil that is being spread in long and slow motions, creating a relaxing spiritual experience.


treating the different parts of the body through massaging the feet. this relaxing treatment improves the body's self healing abilities.

Massage for pregnant women

improves blood circulation, relaxing and maintaining the body's flexibility. gives relief to the back and legs.

Cranlosacral Therapy
A very gentle and powerful treatment. Improving mobility and the functioning of the nervous system. Full relaxation and after that vitality and energy. With this therapy we reduce tension,  headaches, back and shoulder pain. It is done with light clothing on a massage table. one hour Therapy.

natural therapy method, based on the power of life (ki="chi"-energy of life). the body's energy stream naturally, while the therapist helps it flow and heal.


Hawaii- originated therapy method. the therapist uses his forearms in wide circular motions , to improve blood circulation and create a sensation of flow and revival.


traditional Japanese therapy method, based on pressing different designated key points and areas in the body. encourages healing and relaxation processes.

Traditional Thai massage

stretching, pressing and moving the body, in order to remove blocks and pain.

Night therapy

massage to candle light with aromatic oils. a romantic and relaxing experience. finish your day with a delighting hoover.

Morning therapy

a motivating, energizing treatment. prepares the body and the soul for a new day. Our treatments are varied, and we are here to listen, in order to give you the best that will suit your needs.

העיסויים והטיפולים בספא ביער במושב אמירים, משלבים מגוון רחב של טכניקות ושיטות טיפול. אנו קשובים לבקשות ולצרכים של לקוחותינו, ומתאימים להם אישית את סוג הטיפול.

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